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Crane Hire / Contract Lift

Since our first mobile crane was purchased in the early 60’s we have continued to provide our customers with a lifting service to rival and often exceed that of our competitors.

From your initial enquiry you can rest assured that your project will be given the utmost attention to detail no matter how large or small.

All our cranes are operated by our experienced, fully trained and licensed operatives. We have a dedicated hire desk run by our fleet and transport specialists who will advise you of the safest and most cost effective options for your lifting project.

We recommend that customers who are not experienced in hiring cranes contact us to discuss. We can then advise the most appropriate option, giving you peace of mind that your liabilities are covered and you are getting the safest solution for your lifting requirements.

Crane Hire or Contract Lift?

A letter dated 21 December 2004 from HSE sets out the differences between a crane hire and a contract lift of which the main points are as follows:

​Crane Hire

  • In a Crane Hire arrangement the crane and operator will work to the client's instructions

  • The client is to plan the lift, select a suitable crane, specify the slinging and signalling arrangements, supervise the lift and be responsible for the lifting operation

  • When the crane arrives at the lift location the crane operator should not start the lifting operation until he has seen the lift plan and discussed it with the supervisor. The competent person has the responsibility for ensuring the lift plan is adequate but the crane driver will need to be satisfied that it covers all the necessary elements. This should not be interpreted as the crane operator taking responsibility for the planning of the job. In a similar manner if a representative from the crane company visits the site to gather information for the rigging of the crane or to assist the client in the selection of the crane then this should not be interpreted as taking responsibility for planning the overall lifting operation.


When hiring in the client should ensure it has sufficient Insurance to cover:

  • Loss or damage to the crane/vehicle/equipment whilst on site under the customers control

  • Loss or damage to the goods being lifted

  • Continuing hire charges whilst the crane/vehicle/equipment is off the road for repairs following damage

  • Injury to Owner's driver/operator and/or other employees whilst on site

  • Injury to other parties, including damage to their property arising from the crane operations

  • Loss or damage to the goods being lifted.

Contract Lift


The crane owner is responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift and will provide insurance cover for the following:

  • Loss/damage to the plant/equipment caused solely by the Owner's negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.

  • Loss/damage to third party property caused solely by the Owner's negligence in the performance of the lifting contract subject to;

    • a maximum liability of £400,000 for the goods being lifted irrespective of the number of items being lifted/handled and

    • a maximum of £5,000,000 in respect of loss or damage to other property and injury to persons
      (These limits can be increased on request subject to an additional premium.)



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