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Forklift Truck / Equipment Hire

Some of our current assets consist of:

  • Hoist FR Series 25/35 Extendable Counterweight Forklift Truck capable of lifting up to 16 tonnes.

  • Counterbalance LPG/Diesel forklift trucks from 3.5 to 7 tonne capacity

  • High lift forklifts capable of lifting 6.8 tonnes to 7.2 meters in height

  • Extended fork / jib attachments

  • Ground moving equipment such as skates, jacks etc.

  • Lifting equipment, chains, slings, shackles, manual chain blocks, lifting gantries, scoots etc.

  • Lifting beams/bars/spreaders

  • Telehandler forklifts of various capacity and reach

We have a solution for almost every lifting/moving project and we can offer fully qualified operators or machine / equipment hire only.

Hoist Forklift truck, extendable counterweight, boom, 16 tonne
Hoist, Forklif truck, tandm lift



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