• Stephanie Exley

This week we have mostly been, well, errr.... everywhere! Today's blog features pictures taken from the job we did in Edinburgh on Monday installing a generator in an underground car park. Luckily, our team had scouted out the location beforehand so that we knew exactly what headroom was available and what equipment to use. A job well done and some rather lovely pictures with the crane lights and the sun rise! #heavyhaulage #volvotrucks #machinemovers #Edinburgh #skill

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  • Stephanie Exley

Go on. Admit it. You're surprised aren't you?! I mean its not every day you see a canal boat cruising down Bradford Road is it? Or a T-Rex hitching a lift from our Volvo?

Whilst we specialise in the removal, transportation and installation of industrial machines, we also move a whole host of other things ranging from farm machinery, stone monuments and the odd hot tub or two!

#heavyhaulage #volvotrucks #machinemovers

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